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Connexia  X07531CONNEXIA
75 ohm Solderless Coax Splitter

•Flush mounting type.
•Allows 1 video output such as 75 ohm wall socket to be split into 2 locations.
•Minimal signal loss.

Barcode #:9311439005209
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Connexia  X07533CONNEXIA
75 ohm Coax Joiner, Female - Female

•Socket to socket
•Converts male coax plug to female coax socket.

Barcode #:9311439005278
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Connexia  X06524CONNEXIA
Replacement 4 foam earpads

O.D, 20mm, I.D, 8mm. Replacement pads for most bud style headphones. Black
Cable Length: 0.0m

Barcode #:9311439005582
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Connexia  55555CONNEXIA

CDROM Compact Discleaner

• Designed for manual cleaning of all disc formats
• Wet type compact disc cleaner
• Regular maintenance will not only increase the life of the disc but also protect the disc player
Kit contains:
• Cleaning pad
• Cleaning platform
• 45ml bottle of cleaning solution
• Contains Isopropyl alcohol, 55% by volume

Barcode #:9311439005902
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Connexia  55725CONNEXIA

Compact Disc Laser Lens Cleaner

• Talking laser lens cleaner with voice instructions.
• With regular use (about every 8 hours of playing time) maintains the laser light that reads the music and data on discs.
• Suitable for CD, CD-R & DVD’s.
• CONNEXIA™ high performance compact lens cleaner maintains the laser that reads information encoded on the disc, preventing dust and other airborne contaminants settling on the laser lens.

Barcode #:9311439007258
In stock - please order now.
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