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RCA Discwasher  FG1051
Hi-Technology Stylus SC2 Refill Fluid (37ml)

• Stylus cleaning solution is designed to loosen and remove the contaminants that build up on a diamond stylus.
• For improved audio fidelity and longer record and stylus life.
• Contents: 37ml.

Barcode #:0024856105108
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RCA Discwasher  RD1789
VHS Wet Video Headcleaner

• Non-abrasive cleaning tape helps prolong VCR life
• Specially formulated cleaning solution
• Safely cleans entire tape path to keep your components working their best so movies play and sound their best
• Improves sound and picture quality
• Recommended use: every 30-40 playing hours
• Good for approximately 50 cleanings
• Includes 15ml cleaning solution

Barcode #:0079000328056
In stock - please order now.
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